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Routine Cleaning Guide

  • Start from top floor,beginning in the master bathroom.

  • Work from left to right, top to bottom

  • Wet work first (ie. bathrooms, kitchen), then dry (ie. rooms) or floor by floor depending on layout and customer.



    • Clear all bath mats, garbages, etc from ground.

    • Soak any soap holders.

    • Throw out garbage, wipe out garbage if needed with all purpose and paper towel.

    1. High dust any spider webs, high surfaces, picture frames, blinds, wipe high surfaces with rags and all purpose, windex windows.

    2. Shower: clear out, use VIM and sponge to scrub down walls and floor, rinse, wipe, windex, wipe, put everything back with labels facing outwards. If glass soap scum is hard to remove, use SOS pad, rinse, windex, wipe. Do inside and out of glass.

    3. Bath tub: clear out, dust out hair, use VIM and sponge to scrub, rinse, windex, wipe, put everything back nicely. If bath tub not used just dust out, windex and wipe.

    4. Sink: clear everything off, windex mirror, use VIM and sponge on ceramic and all purpose and sponge on counter top, rinse, wipe, windex, wipe, put everything back with labels facing out. All purpose cupboard doors, wipe.

    5. Toilet: clear off, all purpose all surface areas plus behind and floor around it, put in toilet bowl cleaner and scrub, use paper towels to wipe down. Wiping order: handle, lid (inside out), back of toilet, top of seat, bottom seat, rim, new paper towel for sides, back and floor.

    6. Wipe down with all purpose light switches, door, door handles.

    7. Vacuum floor and mats.

    8. Wipe down baseboards.

    9. Straighten up any towels, folding nicely, clothes, nick knacks.

    10. Wash floors with hot water and ceramic floor cleaner, wringing out mop (or use rag) as much as possible. Put back mats.


    1. High dust picture frames, blinds, high surfaces, fans, top of door frames.

    2. Windex windows, mirrors.

    3. Dust all surfaces clearing off all knick knacks, then dust knick knacks (wipe with windex and rag if caked on). Put back knick knacks facing out, neatly. Make sure all bed, stools, etc. frames are dusted as well.

    4. Vacuum any furniture needed in the room.

    5. Wipe down with all purpose light switches, doors, door handles.

    6. Wipe down baseboards with rag.

    7. Vacuum floor. For hard to reach areas, a high dust will be used to sweep under heavy and low surfaces as mush as possible.

    Office: See bedroom.

       (We do not touch computers and surfaces with paperwork unless 

    otherwise specified.)


    1. High dust all high corners, pictures, railings, lights, door frames, chandelier.

    2. Wipe all baseboards.

    3. Vacuum/sweep floor, carpet.

    4. Vacuum/sweep stairs.

    Front Entrance/Hall

    1. High dust

    2. Windex glass on doors, mirrors.

    3. Dust furniture, surface areas, knick knacks.

    4. Wipe down baseboards, doors, door handles.

    Dining Room: (Also see bedroom)

    1. When cleaning dining room table and side tables remove table cloths and do underneath.

    2. Windex any glass vases, etc.

    3. Windex glass on wall unit, but dust wood.

    4. Pull out chairs to get ready for vacuum.

    Family Room/Living room: (See bedroom and dining room )


    1. High dust whole room.

    2. Dust and Wipe down all surfaces in adjoining sitting area, windex sliding doors.

    3. All purpose cupboards, beginning with top ones to bottom.

    4. All purpose counter top (only VIM when needed), rinse, windex, wipe.

    5. Wipe down all appliances with all purpose and then windex; except stove.

    6. Stove: Take off burners and scrub with SOS pad (if needed). VIM stove top, rinse, wipe, windex, wipe.

    7. Check under sink to see if garbage, etc., need cleaning with all purpose.

    8. VIM sink, rinse, windex, wipe.

    Laundry Room

    1. Dump Bathroom mopped water out and clean sink.

    2. Check counter for cleaning and organizing as well as any shoes and coats

    3. Wipe down washer and dryer before sweeping.


    1. In laundry room, use hot water to fill mop bucket.

    2. Add floor cleaner.

    3. Vacuum/sweep floors, carpets.

    4. Mop ceramic from sliding doors to stairs and from laundry room to stairs. Any missed crumbs, push down stairs, mop all hardwood.

    5. Vacuum stairs.

    Basement: (See bedroom)

    • Only finished basements are cleaned to specifics of client and regular procedure.


    ● We cannot move very heavy furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with a high dust. If needed, please have furniture moved before we get there (ex. stove.)
    ● Many homes have at least one chandelier, ceiling fan or shelf that we cannot reach by hand.
    ● Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave. This cannot be entirely prevented. 

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