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Cleaning supplies

Clients have a choice of using their own supplies or using ours. Our maids have a right to turn down using certain supplies including but not limited to aerosol cleaners, anything harsh for the lungs and high in chemical content. If you do choose to use our products, all we ask you to supply is waste basket trash bags so we may reline them for you and your own toilet scrubber.

Here at Platinum Shine we do not believe in using the same sponges, mop heads, toilet scrubbers or rags, no matter how they are sanitized, in more than one home. We try not to cross contaminate in any way. However, as we do use the same vacuum, we always recommend using your own for less incoming dirt.

  1. VIM cream

  2. All purpose cleaner (Spic and Span)

  3. Windex

  4. Ceramic floor cleaner (Vim)

  5. Toilet bowl cleaner (Lysol)

  6. Murphy’s Oil (Used every 6 weeks on wooden surfaces to keep polished)

  7. 2 Yellow/green sponges (one for kitchen, another for bathrooms)

  8. Rags

  9. Paper towels (mostly on mirrors and toilets to reduce waste)

  10. High duster

  11. Vacuum

  12. SOS pad

  13. garbage bags

  14. broom

  15. Mop

Green Products

  1. Green Works natural bathroom cleaner

  2. Green Works Windex

  3. Green Works all purpose cleaner

  4. Lemon

  5. vinegar

  6. Baking soda

  7. Natural soap
Platinum Shine Cleaners in no way endorses the products above or is affiliated with the companies which make them.

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